Waste Less Time and Money

An interesting thing happens as we become adults.

Actually, it starts happening when we are teenagers. It solidifies after we leave high school. And then petrifies when we graduate from our higher formal education levels!

We start believing we know it all.

And nothing can be farther from the truth.

In the past, I have had excellent tennis, skiing and golf instructors. I have gladly paid them money to help me speed past beginner mistakes and start enjoying the sport faster than I could by my own methods. It worked and I gladly paid them.

I’ve gladly sat before Bible teachers and preachers and pastors, eager to learn from those who studied and invested more time than I have in understanding the Word. And many times, God used them to pierce deep into my heart, changing my life forever. And I am so grateful for them.

In business and skill building, I've attended hours of seminars, conferences, training and workshops. My business coaches have moved me ahead in countless ways.

When I see a gap in my life between where I am and where I would like to be, I start hunting for help. I start reading and searching for a good teacher.

However, finding good teachers is hard.

I’ve been burned (many times)  in the past with advice that was hollow. So I gravitate to people with life experiences that demonstrate they know what they are talking about. University professors and textbook learning are not what I am after.  Shallow people who talk a good game are out.

Today, teachers can be called advisors, coaches, mentors, instructors, consultants, guides and a host of other titles.

When a teacher with a depth of knowledge and wisdom appears in my life, I will invest my money and time. Looking for the cheapest one is certainly not the way to go. You just need to be discerning. If they are not helping you it is time to move on — quickly.

Here is a truth.  Unless there is a financial exchange, you will never value your mentor's advice.

I learned this by running a language center and serving the poor in the Dominican Republic. If the students didn’t pay, they didn’t attend class to learn English. Paying students did everything they could to learn and apply the knowledge they valued.

If your road is constantly blocked or you are not reaching your goals, check to see if you are going it alone. If you are, start looking for great teachers who have been where you want to be. And then invest your money and time. Learn what they know and implement what they tell you to do.

You will waste far less time and money than by going it alone.


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