Was Your Creativity Absolutely Crushed?

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you made something?

A crayon drawing of your pet. A wooden block bridge. A written story about your family vacation. An apron (yes, we made aprons when I was a girl in sewing class).

How did you feel when you finished? Satisfied. Amazed at what you could do!

You took your work of art home and it was put on the frig, but by the end of the week, it was buried by other items. Maybe it sat in the corner until it was moved into the trash.

Maybe no one really cared at all.

You eventually believed that your creative impulses didn’t matter. That they were unimportant. And not valuable.

As a child, we cannot help what happens to our creations. But we do notice.

And some people bury that part of them more and more as the years go.

I sincerely hope that you have not.

The creative process is giving birth to something new. Something that didn’t exist before.

The creative process shows us more of our capabilities. It stretches us beyond perceived limits.

I believe God created us to create. After all, we were made in the image of the Creator!

It doesn’t matter what medium you like. It could be with paints, written words, photography, flowers, fresh vegetables, mechanical components, or your voice.

Maybe you put them together in an uplifting song, delicious meal, inspiring book or beautiful garden.

They become expressions of your creative urges.

Today is a wonderful time to unleash your creativity again!


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