Unexpected Source

He was not what I expected. 

Tattoos on every finger. Tattoos up and down his arms. 

A black cap on his head. A black teeshirt, black jeans and black sneakers rounded out the look.

I stood there. (I hope my mouth did not drop open. Maybe it was a generational thing?)

But there I was at the front desk of a fashionable salon, being introduced to the hair stylist they choose for my appointment.

It was almost two months after my stroke. It was time to have some TLC at a salon after barely being able to groom myself.

So I was motivated. Onward.

As we walked together back into the salon, all I saw were fashionable stylists dressed in pastels with flowers in their hair. (I’m sure that was my imagination.) Why this guy…why me?

He sat me down in his chair. I was committed.

He reviewed my limp tresses and bedraggled locks. I told him I was recovering from a stroke.

He said I looked great and told me about his father who was completely debilitated after his stroke. He said his father was now extremely frail.

He massaged my scalped. Ahhhh...

Afterward, he walked me to the back and washed my hair.  Then he put a steaming hot towel around my head to help the hair conditioners set in.

It was then he said very quietly in my ear, “God has a purpose for you, that is why you are still here.”

I got more than I expected at the salon that day. God turns up in the most unexpected places. We just have to be open.

 P.S. I came away with an excellent hair cut!


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