Allow Creativity To Flow

Water is a precious commodity in Texas. In fact, communities pray for rain.

But when the rains come, it is difficult for the hardened ground to absorb the deluge of water.

One day I stopped to watch workers build reinforcement walls along a dry creek bed. A ditch had formed from the rain that ran down the sloping landscape.

In the unfinished areas, the ditch was full of refuse from the runoff. Branches, leaves, bottles, bags, paper, and rags stuck on the edges.

The refuse narrowed the channel and cut off the water's flow. The workers cleared it out as they built new walls.

What Happened Next
As I stood on the shaded footbridge that crossed the creek bed, I reflected on the debris that was in my own mind and heart.

Thought patterns from the past that did not belong there anymore. Things that clung to the recesses of my life that I had not cleared away. Debris that obstructed the channel of God flowing through my life.

During the next few days, I became aware of old thought patterns that did not fit. And there were a lot!

It was time to clear out the old.

Like lingering refuse, here are thoughts in our minds that we are not even aware of for they are wedged deeply. They have become part of a landscape we cannot even see or perceive. Yet they color our lives, our actions and are part of our existence.

  • Do we have a part in this transition?
  • What is our part in this transformation?
  • How do we allow this to happen?

Next Steps
There are many ways, but I suggest that you take some time to get out in nature by yourself.

  • Walk along a creek and watch the water (or in my case the lack of water flowing).
  • Notice what is in the water and the path the water takes.
  • Ask God to help you see what thoughts in your mind have hindered Him from flowing in your life.
  • And then walk away. Let Him bring to your awareness in his timing what He wants to show you.

I hope that investing your time in this way, will have a serious effect on your life.

Please share this with others below in the comments field. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences!


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