Unexpected Source


He was not what I expected. 

Tattoos on every finger. Tattoos up and down his arms. 

A black cap on his head. A black teeshirt, black jeans and black sneakers rounded out the look.

I stood there. (I hope my mouth did not drop open. Maybe...

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Was Your Creativity Absolutely Crushed?


Do you remember when you were a little kid and you made something?

A crayon drawing of your pet. A wooden block bridge. A written story about your family vacation. An apron (yes, we made aprons when I was a girl in sewing class).

How did you feel...

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Allow Creativity To Flow


Water is a precious commodity in Texas. In fact, communities pray for rain.

But when the rains come, it is difficult for the hardened ground to absorb the deluge of water.

One day I stopped to watch workers build reinforcement walls along a...

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4 Ways To Change Headwinds To Your Advantage


Have you ever been in a situation that was zapping your strength?

I remember once walking down the windy streets in Chicago during a bitterly cold day. I was shivering in what seemed like a freezing wind tunnel!

Exhausted, I had to use all my...

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Make The Best Life Decisions


Have you ever spend a disproportionate amount of time making a decision?

Sometimes I make a mountain out of a molehill. I turn things over and over and over again in my mind.

In fact, Charles has said to me, "I thought we already made a decision...

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Waste Less Time and Money


An interesting thing happens as we become adults.

Actually, it starts happening when we are teenagers. It solidifies after we leave high school. And then petrifies when we graduate from our higher formal education levels!

We start believing we...

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Always The Strong One


I have always been the strong one.

- Standing watch at 3:00 am on our sailboat.
- Living in the rough and tumble world of NYC.
- Being the caregiver for my father during his last days.
- Being an entrepreneur, repeatedly.

I guess the fact that my...

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The Best Cure For Challenges


A steaming surprise arrived at the table.

I anticipated an excellent steak dinner that night, but I received more than I expected. Nestled in a cloth napkin, I discovered a piping hot popover!

Years later during the recovery from my stroke, I...

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How To Know When Its Time To Exit


We are taught in life how to start. How to get into college. How to get a job. How to start a business.

However, there is little about the endings. About exiting.

There are graduations. But it seems like once we get on a track, we will ride that...

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What Is Your Secret Gift?


Isn’t life strange?

We think we have all the time in the world. Then something happens.

Something that is unexpected.

Something that alters our perspective.

Something that shakes us to our very core.

Maybe it is a sudden loss of a job. A...

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