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Welcome to my website! I hope to inspire, teach and motivate you to make an impact during your life.

My experience has combined the creative and technical of business. My early work life was as a designer in NYC. I worked for years as a designer in fabrics, fashion and theatre fields. Burnt out, I moved to the Information Systems industry.

I'm the founder of three start-up businesses (including one nonprofit) and a #1 sales leader breaking corporate records repeatedly with Fortune 100 companies.

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I'm not a stranger to risk and lived on a sailboat with my husband Charles for years, sailing from Chicago to the South American coast. During those years we helped tourism workers in the Caribbean through our 501(c)3.

After I returned to the United States, I picked up my sales career full steam.  But a sudden health issue caused me to stop and question what I was doing. I took a much-needed break as I learned to raise my arms, walk and finally drive a car again during my recovery.

Eventually, I left the corporate world to pursue my dream of working alongside my husband at Pilotage Group, Inc. helping others communicate their message.

As a speaker, I present on faith and communication. Many times I team teach along side my husband. I am a Stonecroft speaker and coach, presenting at women's events. I present onsite and remotely at various churches, business meetings, and conferences. I organize and promote events and tours nationally and internationally.

As creative director, I advise my clients on launching new products, websites, marketing campaigns, and product offerings. I create messaging and collateral to drive market adoption across multiple channels including web and social media.  I am a certified Marketing Roadmap Consultant.

As a technologist, I design and implement sales and marketing (CRM) systems to automate processes,  establish forecasts and create automated marketing campaigns.

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Creativity Awaits

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